[Top 7] Best Hairstyle for Oval Face Type Men 2023

Best Hairstyle for Oval Face Type Men: Through this post, we will share information about 10 best hairstyles for men of Oval Face type.

If you also have Oval face type then this post will help you a lot in selecting a good hairstyle.

Face type of all people is different, some have round face, some have rectangular, similarly oval is also a common face type.

To look good, we should choose our hairstyle according to our face type so that overall we look good.

Best Hairstyle for Oval Face Type Men

For a good hairstyle, we should always choose the hairstyle according to the shape of our face.

Through this post, we will share with you information about Top 10 Hairstyles which can be a very good selection for Oval Face Type.

1. Quiff Haircut

Quiff Haircut
Source: @duplexbarberia Instagram

Quiff Haircut can be a very cool and stylish option for oval face type. In this haircut, the hair on the side is very short and the hair on the top is a little big.

If you have more and thick hair on your head, then you must try this haircut, because this haircut gives a very cool look.

2. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut
Source: @the_octopus_barber Instagram

Buzz Cut is a very popular haircut and many people with oval faces try this cut.

In this haircut, the hair is cut very short. And to give a nice look, the side ends are cut like a clean shave.

If you like to have short hair, then a buzz cut can be a good option for you.

3. Crew Cut

Crew Cut
Source: @wow_barber_hairstyling Instagram

Crew Cut is almost like Buzz Cut but it is slightly bigger after the top. If your hair is silky then you can try this cut.

If your beard is a bit stylish and your face type is oval, then this cut will look very beautiful on you, that is why you can try this haircut.

4. Side Part

Side Part
Source: @royalbarber_maksbaczynski Instagram

Side Part is one of the very popular and famous haircut in India. You will definitely get to see the people of this haircut.

Although this is a very simple haircut, but if you manage this haircut well, then it gives you a very nice and handsome look.

In this haircut, the hair is divided into two parts, in which the length of the hair of one part is shorter than that of the other part.

5. Fade

Source: @benwardscissorhands Instagram

Fade is also a very popular haircut and you must see the person with this haircut around you. Especially if your face type is oval then this haircut becomes a very good option for you.

In a fade haircut, the hair on the side is very short and the hair on the top is long and dated with volume.

If your beard is thick then this haircut will give a great look on you. That’s why you can try this haircut once, hope you will definitely like this haircut

6. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk
Source: @duplexbarberia Instagram

The Faux Hawk is a trendy haircut, if you are a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo then you must have known this haircut. Cristiano Ronaldo chooses this haircut for himself

In this haircut too, the side hairs are short and the top hairs are big and messy, which gives a very attractive look.

7. Man Bun

Man Bun
Source: @colbyphade_ Instagram

Man Bun haircut is also slowly becoming popular now. In this haircut, the hair on the side is very small and the hair on the top is very big. And the top hair is tied back, which gives an irresistible look.

This haircut is being liked very much in the present time, especially the people of the youth like this style very much.


Through this post, we have shared information about best and cool hairstyles for the people having oval faces. Hope, the information of these hairstyle will help you to chose best suitable haircut for you.

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