Top 7 Best Haircuts of Slim Face Boy

Here, we are going to share Top 7 Best Haircuts of Slim Face Boy. If your face type is also slim and you are trying to choose good haircuts for yourself, then today’s post can be very beneficial for you because in this post we have shared information about 7 such haircuts. Which can be very attractive for slip face type guys

It is very important to choose a good Haircuts for anyone to look good because good Haircuts gives a good look to our face and helps us to look better.

If you have a slip face type and you do not chose your haircut according to your face type then you will look more slimmer which will not give you attractive look.

All the haircuts shared in this post will help slim face type boys to look better so that then can be confident everywhere.

So without taking any more time in introduction, let’s jump into the haircuts information.

1. Side Brush Up with Temple Fade

Haircuts of Slim Face Type Boy

This is very basic and classy looking haircut. This haircut will give an attractive look to those having slim face type. Also maintaining this haircut is too easy.

In this Haircuts, the hair is made very short from the side and then gradually keeping it big, it is kept a little bigger at the top. This Haircuts looks very attractive in slim faced Boys and it is a Simple And Basic Haircuts That’s Why You Can Manage It Easily.

2. High Fade and Curly Fringe

Hair Style for slim face

If you want to have a very cool looking haircut, then High Fade and Curly Fringe haircut can be a very good option for you.

In this Haircuts, the side hair is cut very short and the top hair is big and curly which gives a tremendous look.

3. Blonde Faux Hawk

best hairstyle for slim face guy

If you want to have a unique and very good looking hairstyle, then Blonde Faux Hawk can be your first choice.

If you get hair color done and you want to look very attractive and your face type is slim, then you must get this hairstyle done once because after getting this hairstyle done, you will definitely like this hairstyle.

4. Curly Medium French Crop

If your hair is curly, then you must try this hairstyle once. This hairstyle is known as Curly Medium French Crop.

Curly Medium French Crop looks very attractive on boys with slim face, but for this it is very important for your hair to be thick so that it gives a very good look.

5. Brushed Up Pompadour

This is a latest and very simple hair cut which looks amazing if you do not have a beard then this hair cut can be the best for you.

The name of this hair cut is Brushed Up Pompadour, in this also the side hair remains very short and the top hair is slightly bigger and tilted back with volume.

6. Classic Front Tousle

Slim boy hair cut design

If you come in the slim face category and you have long hair, then you must try this haircut, the name of this haircut is Classic Front Tousle.

In this haircut, both the side and top hair are big and there is more volume in the hair. This haircut gives a wonderful look to boys with a slim face who keep clean shaves.

7. Classic Haircut

Slim Face boy hair cut

This haircut is known as Classic Haircut. This haircut has always been the first choice of slim face type and other face type boys.

This haircut is also known as traditional haircut, most of the boys in India get this haircut done in their childhood and youth.

This haircut gives a very simple and classic look, you can try this haircut because this haircut will give you a very classic look.


Through this post, we have shared a latest list of 7 Best Haircuts of Slim Face Boy. Hope, these haircuts will give you an attractive look. If you are a guy with slim face type then you must try any of these haircut to look more smart then now.

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